About Web Moves

The trusted partner in your internet marketing strategy

Web Moves, Inc. is a professional internet marketing and development firm with a focus on sustainable business development in the online space. Our services are highly personalized and intensive. Our work reaches beyond marketing into the technical aspects of web development such as coding, design, and hosting. We intentionally limit the number of clients we will manage in order to offer the most attention and build a long term relationship.

We love internet marketing and web development with a passion. Visualize us just as thrilled as you watching your traffic climb. Picture us obsessed and excited about improving your hosting or database solution that increases productivity. We work hands-on ourselves, not from an predictable SEO checklist, but diving into your business and developing a comprehensive plan to increase search rankings, increase traffic, build your brand, convert more sales, and run your business more efficiently. We specialize in finding the often overlooked issues for sites that have hit a plateau in their traffic and conversion rates.

One of the things our clients love the most about working with us is that our expertise reaches far beyond marketing into all aspects of web management; our technical knowledge of web development generates advice and solutions regarding hosting, ecommerce platforms, clean coding, database/CMS, even creating custom code and programs to increase efficiency.

We maintain a limited number of clients, so that we can give the attention your business needs to climb to the top. We are not the type of internet marketing firm that farms out your account to a staffer. Our 2 principles, who manage all accounts personally, have been marketing websites for 13 years.

We work best with businesses that are ready for success, poised for growth, and committed to their goals. Most of our clients have done some search engine optimization already, either on their own or with another SEO company. Many are stymied and frustrated with the ever changing requirements of Google’s best practices and markup. Many have received conflicting advice, and hit plateaus. Our clients come to us with basic SEO and link building knowledge, but understand that they need experts to handle internet marketing so they can focus on how to handle the increased business.

How do we get more traffic to your site? We invite you to browse our services to get a feel of what we do for our clients. Effective internet marketing means examining all aspects, on site, off site, social media, hosting, load time, conversions, analytics, partnerships, sponsorships. Our method is highly personalized, examining your site, business model, and industry as a whole, as a unique entity.

Online marketing is ever changing. Our team stays up to date with the latest developments, mostly testing our own techniques on our own sites and networking with a select group of ‘quiet' internet marketing and web professionals—after all, the best methods are not going to be shouted from the rooftops on every internet marketing blog. Let us live and breathe your website so you can focus on the rest of your business.