Social Media Marketing

Times have changed swiftly, and now not only is it used for marketing campaigns and branding, search engines are valuing social media shares in a big way. Social media is basically free traffic, don’t leave it on the table. Take control of your brand and reputation, and influence what is being said about you.

Social media exploded on the scene, and initially was only a viable marketing opportunity for a few niches. But now with search engines also considering social indicators, and with Facebook and others integrated into every day life including mobile, social media is a massive part of your internet marketing picture.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn: There are optimizations for each social media platform that must be done. We have researched and perform the best practices to get traffic and shares through all major social media platforms. Social media in conjunction with engaging content is as important as your link profile. You must be on all the major platforms and we can either handle this for you or guide your staff in best practices.

New social media sites break out fast and often, and we have always been ready to take advantage of them, with our fingers on the pulse. Pinterest was the latest, fast breaking new marketing platform. Still in its infancy, we had all clients up and running in the early stages, optimized for the most traffic and repins.

Brand and Reputation Management: What do people say about you on the internet?

Your reputation is everything, and a handful of vocal unhappy customers can do quite a bit of damage, especially in this age of social media and online reviews.

Define your brand and set the tone on the web for your business. Brand building in general is going to offer some insurance against reputation management issues. Monitoring for issues, just raising the client’s awareness when something arises, gives them the opportunity to deal with it in a timely fashion before a spiral effect occurs.

In situations where negative perceptions already exist, we have helped clients utilizing a variety of tactics (like threats and bribes). We’ll find creative solutions for removing and minimizing the negatives, systematically solving the problems, replacing complaints with positive experiences from your many happy customers.

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