Conversion Optimization

Skill in conversion optimization is a product of Tools, Testing, and Talent.

New traffic is wonderful, but getting more out of your existing traffic is better. Surprisingly, many SEOs overlook conversion statistics altogether, yet to us it is just as important as driving new traffic. Effective conversion optimization takes experience, testing, analysis, and a natural inkling for this sort of thing. We share with our clients the best practices for converting visitors regarding layout, interlinking, color, click efficiency. We are Google Analytics certified, and will examine and monitor visitor behavior using industry tools.

Site tweaks that produce conversion increases are found in a multitude of locations on the site. Sometimes a form change, sometimes a checkout wording, sometimes confidence buttons, the list is endless. We find it challenging and rewarding to continue to target these seemingly small improvements. But consider this: Small increases in conversion rate exponentially feed your bottom line. A 1% increase in your conversion rate is astronomical: A site with 100,000 unique visitors a month with a 3% conversion rate, increasing to 4% equals 1000 more sales.

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