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HTML to Text

Quickly and easily convert an html document to plain text. This tool strips all html from entered text or a URL to get the plain text content.

Batch Whois Checker

Get the whois information for multiple domains in one shot. This tool will look up the whois details for a batch domains names.

Word to Text

Easily convert multiple Microsoft Word documents to plain text files. This tool supports both .doc and .docx files.

Microdata Parser

Visualize the html5 microdata markup on a web page. This tool parses all html5 microdata on a web page and displays it in an organizational hierarchy.

Sitemap Builder

Build a Google Sitemap for any website. This tool will crawl a web site and build an xml sitemap based on the pages it finds.

QR Code Maker

Make various kinds of QR codes quickly and easily.

CSV Diff

Get the difference between two versions of a CSV file. Show lines that were added and removed.

HTTP Response Checker

Check the HTTP responses for multiple URLs. This tool allows you to see various HTTP related info for multiple URLs.

HTML Color Picker

Preview and select various hexadecimal colors. This tool allows you to preview the foreground and background of the selected colors.

Batch Meta Tag Checker

Extract the meta tags from a batch of URLs. This tool extracts all sorts of meta information from web pages.

Link Report Tool

This tool creates a report based on the analysis of links on a web page.

Analytics Dashboard

Easily visualize data in your Google Analytics account. Create various kinds of charts.