OnSite SEO

Optimizing your site for search engines has evolved and requires experience and knowledge.

The website is the foundation, and all the link building in the world won’t help a site that is not optimized properly. Now more than ever before, search engines have complicated means of deciphering your site through the code and site structure than ever before. Though on site optimization is considered SEO 101, it requires finesse and organization and experience. Website architecture, indexing roadblocks, sitemaps, keyword development, meta tag audits, canonicalization, proper site structure, rich snippet markup including schema.org, redirects, URL rewrites, page layout, page rank flow, keyword density, over optimization issues, blog format, internal links, and a host of other items are all part of optimizing a website for search engines. We define, then prioritize, and even implement changes. We are known for locating issues others have overlooked.

If we’re lucky enough to work with a client before the launch of one of their websites, even better as we can work with your web developers or ours to get it right from the start. For sites from scratch or CSS manipulation and HTML tweaks, our knowledgeable staff know SEO best practices.

Any other questions? - We can help!

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