Online Business Development

We share recommendations for clients for their online business, not just their website. With market and competitive analysis, coupled with our own business experience, and the beauty of working so closely with our limited client roster, we can’t help but see opportunities for better profits.

We consider ourselves your partner. We succeed when you succeed. No tunnel vision here, we look at your business model, your profit margins, your processes, your industry, and your competitors. One of the nice things about having a cap on the number of clients we work with is that our 2 principles, John Wieber and Julie Del Cueto, are hands-on managing every account. We know our clients’ businesses, and we are looking at a bigger picture than a single website. We’ve been in ecommerce and internet marketing for 13 years, and our passion is contagious.

Business opportunities for growth that we’ve suggested to our clients successfully include: opportunities for additional streams of revenue, affiliate programs, new websites, new product lines, expansions into international markets, combining multiple websites into one powerhouse, streamlined database or tool development to lower overhead. We will even recommend cutting an advertising budget when necessary, or eliminating a website even if it means our own budget is cut. We partner with our clients for the long haul.

Any other questions? - We can help!

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