Software & Web Development

We are lucky to employ a brilliant in house lead developer with elite skills in PHP and Java, which affords us the opportunity to develop specific tools and functionality for our clients. From MySQL database architecture to mobile applications, we possess the ability to create systems that will streamline your processes.

Our experience in running online businesses gives us the insight to know what applications your business needs. And we possess the ability to create these tools or systems in house.

We routinely develop tools, applications, databases, functionality, widgets, etc for our own use on our sites; our clients benefit from this as we share whatever is useful with them. A significant portion of internet marketing requires automation of tasks and analysis of data. Our lead programmer thinks like a marketer and is familiar with SEO, so the applications we create are SEO and social media friendly.

Some examples:

  • Custom Photo Database added for social media value, including a photo contest
  • Mass automated “I got my certification” Badge Sharing system for social media for education client
  • A plethora of SEO tools
  • Social Sharing tool for virtual samples: One click page creation shows shoppers
  • logo on promotional product, created to increase social shares.
  • A fully customized CRM and CMS in one for the promotional products industry

Any other questions? - We can help!

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