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Good morning Google Plus one users, we have decided that it was best for us to change the colors on your website. We know everyone likes washed out red, so this is the new color we added to your website:

google plus 1 button

The good news is it still functions the same, although I personally do not like washed out red on my website. Well you have no choice as Google does not allow you to alter their button in anyway.

I would imagine that Google is trying to be more like Facebook, and pattern their button along the lines of that of Facebook.

Stay calm it’s still working …

This from Phil Leahy

I normally check every site that I visit to see their Google page rank and alexa page rank. I noticed from Thursday 6th of October it was not showing up on my Alexa toolbar or SeoQuake toolbar. I did some research via twitter to see what was going; on only to see people saying Google has just stopped its PR feature!
As a result I visited Google and do some research & see what is happening. The problem isn’t with Google stopping its pagerank feature or that there was another update, the problem had to do with something else.
The Recent Google PR Server Change
The reason for the recent changes in Google PR is due to the fact that Google just changed its PR server and as a result also changed its query URL.
The old query URL is:[URLHERE]
The new query URL is:[URLHERE]
What that means is that any software addon such as Alexa or Seoquake, website or PR tool trying to use the old server to check PR won’t be working again.
So nothing has happened to your pagerank, and your site won’t be affected. The only thing happening is a recent change in the Google PageRank query URL which will soon be fixed in a lot of SEO tools and websites, and as a result you will soon be able to check your Google Pagerank again via your chosen tool.
If you want to check your Google pagerank now (to ensure everything is okay) you can easily install the new Google Toolbar on your Mozilla Firefox (version 4 or under) or Internet Explorer browser and you will be able to check it. To change the settings in SeoQuake: Open preferences, Click on “Parameters Tab”, Double click “Google Pagerank”  Replace: with

google page rank missing

I noticed last night that Google’s visible page rank had disappeared for several tools I use. I looked around a little bit but could not find any tool that was working. I think the SEO community has been looking towards this for quite some time, as people have put far too much emphasis on Google’s visible page rank to the point where an entire economy (Text Link Industry) has been developed around a websites Page Rank and the associated value you can extract from selling links.

I think the guys from Majestic SEO and SEOMoz are both quite pleased to see this change, as they both have built into their link spider the ability to score the link value of a website based upon somewhat similar characteristics to that of Google’s Page rank.

I guess we will see how this all plays out over the coming days, weeks, months or years. I think the removal of visible page rank has been long over due.



Pretty Nice Bonus to Brands within natural search results today, the sitelinks are now going VERY wide across many valuable pages within your domain.

Check this out:

Google New Sitelinks Format

















I think this is a GREAT move by Google, as in most cases it will eliminate people from marketing themselves around someone else’s brand. Clearly will help provide someone looking for a particular brand a better user experience.




OK just got back from a world tour of Australia where we spoke at an internet conference. Our visit to Australia included visits with everyone one of our Australian Clients, we only had to go to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne (kidding we were all over the country).

We also included a holiday in Bali Indonesia which was a lovely choice of our Sales Director Phil Leahy. We had a great time. Upon arrival at a very popular restaurant/bar called Ku De Ta we discovered a painting.

Google Knows what you did last summer

Google Knows




























So even in third world countries like Indonesia, everyone knows that Google knows what you did last summer. I really thought man, even in Bali, Indonesia I cannot get away from Google!



Amazing Google went nearly 5 months without updating it’s visual page rank. Then they did a release on June 27th 2011, then updated that update around July 20th 2011 to take corrective actions as they apparently messed up and provided twitter with a PR0 and this caused all worldwide page rank to be off. Now August 4th 2011 I am seeing another Page Rank Update.

It would be really interesting if Google started providing Page Rank Updates monthly?

I think generally people have become somewhat disenchanted with Google Page Rank, and there are so many more reliable ways to determine the overall value of a website these days, but many people hang their hat on what their Page Rank is….

Well lets see what the BIG G has in store for all of us.

Good Morning Everyone, just a little note to let everyone know that Google Updated its Google Toolbar Page rank this morning. I hope everyone has increased their domain authority.

You can check your page rank using our Page Rank Tool.



I recently found a neat feature in the Google news search results. They display in the header of the news section quotes by specific people or companies.

Quotes In Google News

This is very cool for tracking what politician said what and when. Kudos to Google for helping us sort out who is speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Just be careful it’s not any Google Employees.

I mentioned in my earlier post about the view now button, this directly links you to the Google Coupon. So Google can charge you for the coupon and then make you pay for it to appear in search.


Google Coupons

Google is at it again, Google is getting close to having the entire 1st page above the fold of search results becoming paid.

Has anyone explained to Google that it is their natural search results that is the reason they dominate search? At the rate they are going the entire 1st page will be paid results. Actually, they are getting close. If they have 3 Adwords ads in the top frame all with site links and add in this new View Offer button then have Maps, Shopping and Local Listings. The first natural result will be page 2.

Get out your wallets, if you do not pay Google you get no visitors.


Google Adwords View offer Button