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Five Free Internet Marketing ebooks to get you Started

The economy might be slowing down, but technology and Internet-related businesses are still experiencing steady growth. If you’re looking for new income sources, the Web is not a bad idea. However, just like any other business, making money online is a multifaceted endeavor. If you’d like to try you’re hand at it, it’s best to study the risks and the how-to’s. I’ve gathered a few free ebooks and resources here written by some of the most highly regarded Internet marketers to help you understand how it all works. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful and answer some of your questions.

1. Internet Business Manifesto by Richard Schefren

Schefren is known as one of the top Internet business consultants. His company, Strategic Profits, “provides coaching for online entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses strategically and ultimately get free of the daily grind.” The Internet Business Manifesto teaches you a few tactics on how to double your profits within a year. Definitely a must-read.

2. The Simple Web by Skellie

Skellie is editor-in-chief at Freelance Switch, on of the best blogs out there for web workers. He’s been writing web content for several high profile sites for over eight years. The Simple Web is a collection of articles from his blog You may already have an idea of the things you need to do to do well in this industry, but this book will show you exactly how to do things the right way. The devil is in the details.

3. Make Money Online by John Chow

John Chow started the popular site The Techzone and has his own ad network called TTZ Media. The truth is, it’s not a bad idea for him to hire an editor, but his ideas are grounded and have been proven to work. His book is an interesting read, and will give you practical advice on how to manage a blog from the ground up and the various ways you can monetize it more efficiently.

4. Marketing Wisdom for 2007 by Marketing Sherpa

If you ever go to the mountains of Tibet, a sherpa may be the most important person you could bring along, as they’ll guide you through the long, rocky paths. Marketing Sherpa, like their Tibetan counterparts, is a site that publishes real world studies to give you hard facts about marketing trends and strategies. This ebook is a collection of tips from seasoned marketers from 110 different organizations about email campaign segmentation, blogging, podcasting, mobile marketing, search marketing, offline advertising, web site design and the very hot social networking arena.

5. Killer Flagship Content by Chris Garret

Chris Garret is a pro-blogger and Internet marketing consultant. He’s a co-founder of Performacing, and author of several books including Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income with Darren Rowse. His ebook, Killer Flagship Content, zeros in on how to make your blog tick, including packaging, promotion, being the most sought-after purple cow.