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Googles Search Engine

Introduction To Google
What is the Googles Search Engine, and why are they important in the world of Search Engines and Directories? Brief History. In early 1998 at Stanford University Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page wrote a paper called The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine. Back then there were about 20 major search engines and portals, with Yahoo leading the way.

Yahoo has always had about 1/3 of all search traffic, and in 2002 Google surpassed Yahoo in percent of searches on the web.

Then Google contracted with AOL to provide the results to AOL searches….and then the biggie…in October 2002 Yahoo defaulted to showing Google Result. To explain that simply…do a search on Google, then go to Yahoo and perform that same search, and you’ll see they’re the same results. Same goes for searching on AOL and Netscape.

Google & Other Search Engine Statistics

Percent of all Search Traffic
*Numbers taken from Wordtracker
Google 35.11% 112 Million
Yahoo 32.79% 105 Million
AOL 9.00% 29 Million
Netscape 1.1% 4 Million
Total Google Reach ~78% 254 Million

List of all “major” search engines
and the estimate percent of traffic they bring.
Google 35.11% 112 Million
Yahoo 32.79% 105 Million
MSN 12.00% 39 Million
AOL 9.0% 29 Million
Overture 5.60% 18 Million
AltaVista 1.74% 6 Million
Lycos 1.57% 5 Million
Netscape 1.10% 4 Million
Looksmart 0.59% 2 Million
AllTheWeb 0.21% 1Million
HotBot 0.10% Less Than 1 Million
Open Directory 0.01% Less Than 1 Million
FindWhat 0.0028% Less Than 1 Million
Total 99.72% 321 Million

Google Is Miles Ahead
Not only has the number of searches on Googles Search Engine grown, but so has
the number of web pages that Google has indexed. In mid-2000 Google became the largest index on the Internet with over 1 Billion web pages indexed. By the end of 2002 the Googles Search Engine had racked up over 3 Billion indexed documents, pictures, and Usenet messages.

Googles Search Engine has had tremendous success for several reasons. They concentrate on one thing – providing the user with the most relevant search results. They didn’t clutter their site with any banners, ads, pup ups, or any other “junk”. Google dot com is a piece of art for its simplicity, ease of use, no “in your face” ads, and by providing the most relevant results on the Internet.

Google isn’t just leading the pack, it is miles ahead. It’s 78% of all search engine traffic.

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