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Ad Sitelinks – New to Adwords advertisers

Adwords Ad Sitelinks

Adwords Ad Sitelinks

Today, Google has introduced a new Adword’s feature called ‘ Ad Sitelinks ‘ which gives Adwords advertisers the opportunity to deep link into selected landing pages on the one ad block.

Interesting concept, no doubt inspired by organic site links. But unlike organic sitelinks , advertisers are able to specify exactly how many Ad Sitelinks to show, their anchor text and the URL of the landing page.

The new Ad Sitelinks feature can be accessed via the campaign settings tab > “Ad extensions” > “Show additional links to my site” section. But don’t worry if you can’t see the new feature just yet. Google is currently trialing this with a few advertisers – to quote;

Please note that Ad Sitelinks will only be shown for ads that meet certain quality criteria. The higher the quality of your ad, the more likely it is that Ad Sitelinks may be able to run on that ad.

Exactly which quality criteria is still unknown and I have yet to see any sponsored ads that have the new Ad Sitelinks.

Here is a screen cap of how the Ad Sitelink on a search page will look ( click for full size image ). I have to say, it looks pretty good and would confuse a lot of users as an organic search result, it will be interesting to find out in the next quarter when Google releases the stats and if the new feature increases CTR.

screencap of Adwords new Ad Sitelinks

screencap of Adwords new Ad Sitelinks ( click for full size )

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