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Weekly Search and Marketing Roundup for 19/08/09

A compilation of the most newsworthy, ground breaking, interesting and useful stories that matters to the search and marketing industry, sourced from websites, blogs and tweets. Can’t wait for the weekly round-up? Follow us on Twitter @little_engine for the latest on search and marketing.

Google Caffeine

Google announces public testing for the new search infrastructure on Google webmaster blog.

Search quality engineer Matt Cutts updates and answers questions on Caffeine

Will Google Caffeine effect Google Local Listings – some thoughts and comparisons

Lil Engine evaluates and tests Google Caffeine –  Exclusive overview and comparison

SEO & SEM Tools

GooBingHoo.comCompare side by side search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and now also with Caffeine.

20 free keyword research tools – Excellent list of free to use keyword suggestion / volume comparison research tools.

FireFox Addon: Monitor the Page Size with View Dependencies – via SEJ

Optimize your crawling & indexing – Good tips provided by Google Webmasters blog , slideshow and text wrap up

Matt Cutts:  Straight from Google – What You Need to Know about Word Press Optimisation, very good video for WordPress users that want to learn some simple optimisation tips [Video] 45 min

Small Google PageRank update – Mostly changes in internal pages, SEO’s reporting mostly drops in Pagerank for internal pages, especially those sites with a large index.

Matt Cutts on nofollow – The debate continues with this video with Jen Lopez ( SEOMoz ) and Matt Cutts ( Google ) @ SES San Jose 2009

Why are .com sites ranking highly in UK SERPs? – Matt Cutts on Google Webmaster YouTube

Pie chart of component’s of Google’s algorithm – via

Google Ranking Algorithm Breakdown Chart - Via

Pie chart of component’s of Google’s algorithm

Online Advertising / Marketing

Google Adwords Conversion Rates Don’t Vary Much with Ad Position from Chief Economist at Google, Hal Varian.

Google Adwords – Sponsored search ads now displaying closer to organic results. Keep track of CTR’s in the next day or so. Advertisers reporting a 5 – 10 % increase in clicks.

Google Adwords – Googler’s have reported different text size / type and location changing on Sponsored Results Ads. Appears Google is doing quite a lot of A / B testing on Adwords.

Google AdwordsNew Search Ads Quality Guide , Google adds some pretty useful resources to their Adwords help section, such as: how quality score affects your ranking and how quality score affects how much you pay.

Is Your Business Ready for Online Marketing? – Great 60min video of Warren Lanier, CEO of Bridge Point Marketing and David Kamatoy. Some really useful tips for business owners and entrepreneurs, covering the differences between traditional advertising, SEO and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

10 Really Tangible Ways To Measure Social Media Success – nice tips on measuring the success of  social media marketing campaigns with sites such as Twitter and facebook.

United Breaks Guitars Song 2: Yes, Dave is back with another YouTube music video on his broken guitar. Will he get as much exposure as his first hit? I doubt it, this song is pretty weak and really doesn’t bring anything new or fresh to his first song . Maybe my conspiracy theory is true, maybe Dave is working on a Viral campaign for United!

From the Li’l Engine Forum

A new visualized web search engine,, was born today – 08/18/2009 : Join the Discussion


Thanks for checking out the first ever Li’l Engine weekly search roundup! I’d love to get some feedback on my writing style and also the topics covered, perhaps you may have more to add to this roundup? or want to see a particular topic covered more, let me have it 🙂 You can contact me directly via my personal twitter account or just leave a response in the comments.