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Knowing your Google PageRank is a definite plus for any webmaster. PageRank is one of the methods Google uses to determine the importance of your website. Our Google PageRank tool allows you to quickly check the PageRank of any webpage whether it be yours or your competitor’s. Simply enter the url and the PageRank is just a click away.


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Simply click in the box and it will automatically select all the code. Copy the code and paste it into the html of the page that you would like it to be on. You can style it anyway you want so that it integrates seamlessly into your website’s design.

Here is how it will look on your page.

Check the Google PageRank of any Webpage
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Our Google PageRank tool gathers publicly available data from Google’s data centers, this ranking factor is known as the Google Toolbar PageRank which is a snapshot of the Google’s patented Pagerank formula for determining the link authoritativeness of a web page.

While there is no publicly available tool to find the patented Google Pagerank, Google Toolbar PageRank can still be useful to pre-determine the authoritativeness and trust of a webpage or domain when used with other signals such as a webpage’s backlink ecosphere, number of links and anchor text.
the original Google Pagerank algorithm
A website with a high Google toolbar PageRank does not mean it will always rank high in Google search results, this can only be achieved through good search engine optimization practices.

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