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This SEO Nailed It! The Pieces of the Puzzle

SEO has evolved so much during the past 5 years that we even renamed our company to Web Moves.  I absolutely love some of the brilliance I read from experts in our industry— and this guy could have been speaking words straight from my mouth.

Forbes – If You’re Good at These 3 Games, You’re Probably Good at SEO

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I AM A GAME NUT, and John and Matt and I routinely play strategy games, by the way – Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Puerto Rico. Bring it on!   Jason is so right the way he put this into words: Internet Marketers are constantly figuring out how the puzzle pieces fit together—it is the essence of what we do for clients in this day and age.  Strategy. A Game plan. Prioritizing. Connecting the dots. Analytics. Load time testing. Clean code and smart hosting.

We have especially noticed how much time we spend on technical expertise that can only come from years of managing and marketing and developing websites.   We help our clients the most when we handle, or coordinate with their in-house team, with respect to hosting, coding, ecommerce platforms, and social media.

Yet we still have people approach us with a focus only on links or SERPs, and interestingly it’s a big reason for our rebrand.  It is now (and truly always was) about coming up with a strategy and balance that incorporates all aspects:  links, traffic, on site content, off site content, branding, technical aspects, social signals.

Big like and a shout out to Jayson DeMers for this fun and spot on gaming angle.