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Passionate about SEO? Want great links?

At Li’l Engine we are always looking for great writers that are passionate about SEO and internet marketing. If you have the skills to write an awesome article that will contribute to the Search Marketing community, we would love to hear from you.

To qualify for a guest post;

  • Send us your completed article / post
  • Your article and any images must be your original work and not published elsewhere
  • Your article must be related to the topics below
  • Your article may be edited prior to publishing
  • The article should be between 1000 – 600 words.

Published Articles – What you need to know.

  • Please Note : We may not publish every article we receive, in the event we do not accept your article, all publishing rights will be transferred back to you
  • You grant a license to readers to use the knowledge in the article in their own campaigns without reference to yourself or this site. They may not reproduce the article itself in any form, but they can use the techniques within your article
  • You grant a license to Li’l Engine to be the exclusive publisher of the article online. You may republish extracts online, for example on your own site, however the article in its entirety should not appear elsewhere.
  • You may also republish the article offline in any way you wish
  • You consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing in our Li’l Engine network.

Suggested Topics

  • Search Engine Optimization tips & techniques
  • Search Engine News / Updates
  • Search Marketing Event roundups, after thoughts
  • Pay per click optimization tips & techniques
  • SEO Tools reviews & tutorials
  • Marketing Tools reviews & tutorials

Please bare in mind that we are not an affiliate marketing blog, so keep the “salesy” stuff to a minimal. Use facts and statistics to backup what you say. Your article needs to be informative but feel free to express your views, we don’t mind a little controversy now and again.

The Juicy Links

We will provide 1 keyword anchor link and one personal contact link from within the article, which will be a straight link. The anchor keyword must be related and within context of your article. We may contact you to change the link if we feel the links are pointing to an undesirable domain.

All other links within your article will be nofollowed.

How to Format Your Article for Submission

Your article must come with:

  1. An plain HTML file without any styling using the same format as our blog or a word document with minimal styling.
  2. Images in the article should be no more than 630px wide and under 150kb.
  3. If you need to embed any flash media or slideshows, please make sure you include the full embedded HTML and should be less than 620px wide.

Getting Feedback

If you are unsure about whether your topic will be accepted, please feel free to email our editor john [at] with your pitch prior to writing the whole article.

How to Submit

Please email your completed article to john [at]

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