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‘Top Search Queries’ – sort by feature in Google webmaster tools

top search queries - Google webmaster tools

top search queries - Google webmaster tools

Checking the Google webmaster tools today we noticed the keyword sorting feature appearing in the ‘ Top Search Queries’ dashboard.

The three drop down menus will allow webmaster tool users to segment the top search queries by;

Search service type

  • Google Blog Search
  • Google Directory
  • Google Image Search
  • Mobile Device search
  • Web Search
Google domains

  • over 60 google domains
Time / Date

  • Last 7 days
  • 2 weeks ago
  • September
  • August
  • July

This is a simple but welcoming update to webmaster tools users, all too often the data in ‘top search queries’ can be skewed by irrelevant searches from Google image search, finally we are able to drill down to the data we want. TheĀ  update will also be handy for mobile content producers who can finally segment the data coming from

The filter by top search queries feature is further blurring the line between Google Analytics and webmaster tools, we wonder when the two will finally be rolled into one? Personally I don’t know any SEO that uses Analytics and not use Google WT.