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How To Build Links By Leaving Comments On No-Follow Blogs

I bet you have read several articles on how to build links by leaving comments on do-follow blogs. But you must know that the vast majority of blogs have the “no-follow” attribute appended to all links left in their comment areas, hence hindering them from passing link juice.

Should all those blogs be ignored by you? Of course not! There’s a way to use them in your link building campaigns and I’m going to tell you what it is: leave several good comments on several no-follow blogs to get noticed by the bloggers and their readers.

Yes, it’s that obvious. And if you don’t have any spamming tendencies, you’ll find it very easy as well.

Why comments on no-follow blogs work

When you repeatedly post good, relevant, non-spammy comments on a blog, you’ll naturally cause a favourable impression on the blogger and on their readers. You’ll show them that you’re smart, credible, reliable. Eventually, they’ll visit your site or blog. If they like what they see — i. e., if your content is as good as your comments — they’ll most likely give you some free backlinks. And such links will be inserted onto normal, do-follow site areas, so you’ll get all the link juice that you need.

As you can see, this is an indirect way to get link love: you win people’s trust first and reap the rewards later.

How to organise your no-follow comment campaign

  • You must post comments on blogs that belong to your niche and/or to related ones. And just one comment won’t do it. You must become a loyal reader and an active commenter. Aim for leaving several comments on several blogs in the course of several months.
  • Do not try to comment on every single post a blogger publishes, unless you really have something to say. Don’t comment for the sake of commenting.
  • Avoid sounding like a know-it-all type. Don’t try to look wiser than the bloggers and their other readers.
  • Always be polite, respectful and friendly.
  • Keep your site or blog updated and watch your content’s quality. You want to make sure that the visitors earned via blog comments will be glad that they clicked on your name.
  • Speaking of your name, this is what you must link to when you leave comments on any blog. Do not link to your site’s name, nor to a keyword; otherwise, most will regard you as a spammer.

Comment campaigns may be time-consuming, but if you do them the right way, you’ll thank yourself afterwards. The relationships built, the branding benefits and the free backlinks will justify your efforts.