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Who Should Use Pay Per Click Search Engines?

Surf’s up
Pay per click search engines have and are still making waves in the search engine and web site promotion industries. They now allow advertisers to get rapid quantifiable results to quickly start reaping the fruits of their toil.

Haste makes waste?
Not in the case of pay per click search engines. PPC search engines provide advertisers with targeted traffic for as low as $0.01 per visitor. Advertisers are only charged for actual visits they receive to their site, not for the number of times their link is viewed (impressions). Editorial reviews of listings prior to approval ensure all search results meet the pay per click search engine’s listing standards.

If the cap fits should you wear it?
With the pay per click model you will be paying for traffic to your website aka paid advertising. Answer yes to any of the following questions and there’s an excellent chance that you could benefit significantly from pay per click ads:

  • Are you looking to increase the traffic to your web site while maintaining the quality of your visitors?
  • Do you currently do paid promotions for your web site?
  • Does your web site sell a product or service?

How much toll to pay?
So you’ve decided that pay per click advertising could be for you but you are new to this strategy and aren’t sure how much to pay per visit to your site. Not to worry we have a quick and simple way to decide how much your visitors are worth.

*Note* – this is simply a guideline to approximating the value of each visitor to your site.

1. Check your web site statistics for the last 3 months and get the total # of visits, not hits, you received. (If your site is new then you may want to approximate these based on your business plan figures.)

2. Divide this figure by 3 to get the average # of visitors you receive per month.

3. Calculate the total profit received from web site sales in the last 3 months.

4. Divide this figure by 3 to get the average revenue your site makes per month.

5. Divide your avg. profit per month by your average # of visitors per month.

This will be the approximate profit you receive from each visitor to your site. You can base your bid amount on this value decreasing it to the point where you’re making a satisfactory amount of profit per visitor.

In the end pay per click search engines will bring you traffic. You will be able to choose the cost of this traffic, you will receive targeted traffic, you will only be charged for actual visits to your site. For all websites small, medium, “extra medium” and large this is a viable advertising methods that many companies are already taking advantage of and benefiting from.

If you have a website that needs traffic or needs additional traffic then pay per click advertising should be high on your list of marketing tools.