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Why Having a Niche is Important For Your Site

It doesn’t take much browsing across Internet marketing sites to realise that having a niche is mandatory. This is the piece of advice that you’ll find everywhere you go: choose a niche for your site or blog and stick to it.

Why having a niche is so important anyway?

1. Niches help your visitors find what they want

When you give too many options to your readers, they may get confused, bored and eventually leave your site. People don’t have much time; they want to get things as fast as possible. They want to arrive to your blog and make sure that its topic is interesting to them. So, stick to a niche and help your visitors stay focused. Don’t distract them with pages on ten different, unrelated subjects.

2. Search engine optimisation is much easier with niches

Build your site around a specific subject and you’ll automatically help Google identify your content as relevant to all related search terms. It’s that simple. Now, I don’t mean that this is the only thing you need to do in order to rank well. Search engine optimisation is a process that involves several steps. But picking a proper niche for your site is one of them — a very sensible one.

3. Other types of promotion get easier as well

Search engine optimisation is a powerful way to promote a site, but not the only one. You can also network with other bloggers and webmasters, participate in forums, use social media sites… And all these promotional actions become simpler when you reach the right targets. The right targets, in this case, are those people who are interested in your site’s niche. You should leave comments on blogs and post messages to forums that are visited by those people. Also submit your links to niche social media sites. You’ll see that getting noticed is much less complicated when you expose your content to a smaller yet truly interested group.

4. Niche sites make more money

This lead us back to my statement on giving too many options to your visitors. If you display several types of ads to your readers, thinking that this diversity will increase the chances of getting clicks, think again. Internet users aren’t too fond of ads, but when they find something that could suit their needs, they become more willing to at least take a look at it. How do you make them realise that your ads could help them find what they need? Yes, you guessed it: you pick a defined niche, build your whole site around it and display only related ads.

I hope that by now you have understood that having a niche is a necessity for any blogger or webmaster who wants to succeed on the Internet game. Of course, general sites can be successful as well. Nonetheless, they demand much more effort and resources to stand out. Invest your time and money on niche sites and you’ll get faster results and rewards.