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Google keeps SEOs & Bloggers busy in Q4

Has this been a busy week or what? We’ve barely had time to dissect the new Google Social Search from last Monday and now the big G is hitting us with even more announcements. Why the sudden spurt of new products ? Is Mr Schmidt planning something? Is Google feeling threatened by ‘Bing’ ?

These questions will have to wait, for the time being lets see what has happened;

Google Dashboard See what data Google collects from your all your Google products, manage them in one simple place Official Release Test it here
Google Commerce Search Hosted ecommerce platform by Google delivered via SaaS using cloud computing. (paid service) Official Release See it here (video)
Adwords Ad Sitelinks New Adwords feature that allows advertisers to create sitelinks in the adblock Official Release Read our report
Google Music Search New vertical search results for music that lets you listen and purchase directly from SERP Official Release Test it here
2 free Google Webinars Think2010: Four Winning Moves for 2010
Holiday Webmaster Webinar
TBA? Adwords new “Automatic Matching” service Still hot gossip at the moment, Google Adwords testing a set and forget service to run your campaign First report Further confirmation

The announcement made yesterday on ‘Google Commerce Search‘ I believe is going to have an immediate impact on SEO’s and web developers,  some questions that come to mind;

  • From what I read correctly, GCS will be a hosted platform.
  • Does this mean domains need to redirect to a GCS portal?
  • Or is this something which can be embedded into a webpage via JS?
  • Perhaps its just a simple database connector to Google for product retrieval?
  • If its the JS method, how is the website going to be crawled ? Since googlebot doesn’t read JS content that well.
  • Will Google commerce search enabled websites carry more weight in SEO?
  • How much customization can be done?
  • Will developers have access to the source code?
  • How will Google deliver this product via a SAAS method and still keep the site search engine friendly?
  • And finally will we see a new ‘Google certified commerce developer’ certification?

Keep your eye on this space, as we will attempt to answer these questions for our readers in the coming days. For now I am sure you are busy hitting the links above for some research of your own!