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Google Webmaster Tools Instant Preview

Just noticed something new in Google webmaster tools called “Google instant preview” it appears to be something they have tied to the fetch as Googlebot. It appears to be somewhat flawed, and does not crawl or display flash (makes our website look bad). Although it is yet another way to keep an eye on your website for errors and crawl-ability. I think this is fairly heavily tied to the “load time” of your website, as it appears to only provide Googlebot with a limited amount of time to grab a snap-shot of your website.

Google Webmaster Tools Instant Previews


It showed us as having 26 errors on this page, seems like a lot considering our website is fairly tight (not as tight as our clients websites).

One last interesting note, our page actually appears rock solid in the Google Search Preview, yet not in this instant preview….hmmmm…..