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Tools to Help Build a Mobile Website

Mobile vs Standard WebsiteThe present trend is that of mobility and the same applies to computers as well and that is the reason why more and more people are opting for internet enabled smartphones as they help them stay connected even while on the move. However, this has posed a certain type of problem for websites and website developers as many of them are not mobile friendly and hence not accessible through the mobile. The inability of websites to connect with the customers through mobiles could mean a loss of customers, which no business can afford. Therefore, website owners and developers have to work towards creation of websites that are available for the mobiles as well.

However, the task of creating or building a mobile version of the website is not very difficult as there are several tools that ease the process of creating mobile versions of websites. Some of these tools are discussed below:

Instant Mobilizer: This is a tool created by dotMobi and this tool helps in creating a mobile version of a website. Using this tool helps in easy converting of the website to a mobile friendly site as the tool automatically converts the text and images on the website, maintains the logo and color scheme and adds certain features that prove to be helpful when the site is viewed on the mobile such as clickable Google Maps hyperlinks and phone numbers. However, not all websites can be converted to a mobile friendly website using the tool. Therefore, developers must preview the version through the Domain Manager.

Mippin Mobilizer: this tool helps in making a website mobile friendly within a short time span. The tool helps in easily creating the mobile version of a website by asking for the RSS feel URL of the website, configuring a few options, signing up for an account and installing some codes on the website.

Mobify: this tool presents a user friendly graphical user interface to create a website’s mobile version. The tool is best suited for sites that have transactions carried out on them as the tool has the Mobile Commerce platform that helps in creating e-stores for the web world on the mobile.

Mobile Press: this is a tool that easily creates mobile versions of websites that have the WordPress publishing platforms. The Mobile Press plugin on WordPress helps in generating a mobile version of the website automatically. Developers can also use the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin to create mobile versions of websites.

Onbile: if one is looking for a mobile version of his or her website in less than five minutes, then this is the tool to opt. the tool provides an intuitive user interface that guides one through the construction of the mobile version of a website. There are 13 templates that can be customized to create a suitable mobile friendly website.

Wirenode: this mobile website generator helps in easily converting websites into mobile friendly websites. There is a user friendly editor that can be used to design the site for the mobile.

Winksite: for those developers that are interested in building an online community on the mobile site, then the Winksite web app is the perfect solution. The app helps in generating the QR code, which can be used in various ways for marketing small businesses. The mobile devices can easily read the QR code with the help of QR scanners and use it to pull up photos, text, music, videos and URLs.

Besides the given tools, there are some other tools that help in easily converting websites to their mobile versions and these include iWebKit and MoFuse. Developers must also use tools to check the mobile versions of the website so that they do not pose a problem when used by viewers.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is the writer of this article. He is an experienced writer with interest in small business, technology, and gadgets. He also runs an online gaming site Sonic Games 365.