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Facebook Launches New iOS Pages Manager Application

Last night while browsing Facebook’s iPhone app,  a little message popped in at the top of my News Feed informing me of a new Facebook iPhone app devoted to managing the pages you are an admin on all from one place.

Install Facebook Pages Manager Notification in News Feed

While the number of smartphone users continue to grow daily and as social media interaction is developing into a major factor in the credibility of “great content” in Google’s eyes; I decided to head over to App Store and give it a try.

Facebook Pages Manager - App Store      SEO Moves Facebook Pages Manager View

The Application looks virtually the same as the regular Facebook iPhone Application but instead of any type of personal information, it is devoted only to the pages that you are an admin on.  By clicking on the menu navigation in the top left corner, you can quickly switch between the different pages you have and see different aspects of those pages.

SEO Moves Facebook Pages Manager Insights View




  • Post new updates and photos as your Page
  • Get notifications about new activity on your page when it happens, no matter where you are
  • Respond, post and comment as your page while you are “on-the-go”
  • Manage all Facebook Pages from one interface
  • View all of your latest Page Insights




After using the App I do think that it is a good idea and with some added functionality in the future I could see myself adopting it for use with our business pages.  For now it is still a good resource for quickly checking the statistics or making some quick slight edits to your Facebook Pages from your phone.

Issues I have / Functionality I would Like to  see Added:

  • Messages are not currently supported in the App
  • Can Not currently look through photo albums in the App
  • Event Management has not been incorporated (Can’t Create or Manage Events)
  • App has not been updated to include the Timeline View (This is the default view for pages now and I would like the content to be displayed in the app the same way it is displayed for our customers and fans)

With The use of mobile phones and the importance of social media, I can only assume that these issues will be quickly updated by Facebook in the coming versions of the Application.

App Store Download Page: Facebook Pages Manager